We understand custom-made parts to mean everything we can help solve your challenge with. This specifically includes non-standardised products tailored to your specific demands.

The selection of custom-made parts shown below gives you an idea of what the options are. We can produce everything that will help solve your specific challenge – from branch elbows made to works standards, branch saddles, flanged edges, elbow tees and reversing-cap to sophisticated turned or milled high-pressure fittings.

Biegung und Umkehrkappe als Sonderlösungen für Rohrformstücke aus Stahl
Anbohrstück mit Gewinde

Tapped element with thread

Biegung aus Stahl


Krümmer-T-Stück aus Stahl

Elbow tees

Halbschalenbogen aus Stahl

Halfpipe elbows

Umkehrkappe aus Stahl

Reversing caps

Bördel aus Stahl


Einschweißbogen aus Stahl

Branch elbows

Sattelstutzen aus Stahl

Branch saddles

Sonderreduzierung aus Stahl

Custom-made reducers

Sonderanfertigung nach Kundenwunsch
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