Family values, corporate values.
This is what sets us apart: Our mission statement.

Our mission statement sets the course for a successful future. This is where we define what we stand for, where we want to go and the values that guide us. As a family-run company, we think in terms of generations. This is why we act today with a thought for tomorrow.

Our guiding principles
Family values, corporate values.

Culture is the DNA of a company and not only influences the way it works but also its success. That is why we have drawn up guidelines that are based on our values and let us reflect on our conduct every day. These guidelines provide the basis for working with our customers, colleagues and the public. All executives and employees at KÖRBER have committed themselves to respecting these values and bringing them to life.

Building on this, our Code of Conduct makes our guidelines even more tangible. It defines the rules for our everyday work – internally and externally – and builds the bridge between our guidelines and the various legal regulations.

Focus on
the customer
We do it
Open discussion, concerted action
you can rely on me

Code of Conduct
Our guidelines on compliant conduct

KÖRBER's high level of entrepreneurial competence is acknowledged by business partners and other stakeholders. This must be maintained and taken forward. And to do this, it means every employee must act with integrity and a sense of responsibility.

Putting them in concrete terms, our Code of Conduct builds on our values and guidelines. This is where we feel committed to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and make them the basis for everything we do. We also expect our suppliers and partners to comply with this, to act accordingly and to do the same in their supply chains.

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