The world is changing

The world is becoming more and more complex. Commercial, political and economic changes form and integral part of our lives. Almost every day we have to adjust to new developments. And one soon loses touch if one fails to move with the times.

... and we are changing with them.

KÖRBER is also changing continuously. We are advancing the development of our products and services, a new management team shapes the future of our company. And now we would like to make these changes visible – with our company's new corporate presentation.

New visual identity

No doubt the first thing you will notice is our new logo and the revised brand name. This has been adapted and now additionally contains the name of the product category: Fittings. With this, we want to sharpen our profile and underline the breadth of our product portfolio. The word mark is set in the font 'Barlow'. This is derived from the DIN standard font and communicates our claim to reliability, precision and quality - in a typographical way. Our signet was further developed in an evolutionary manner: Spacing and spaces have been optimised and the arching corrected so that it is now technically more precise. The tagline with the brand claim is henceforth set in a scripted font. This expresses our personality and our craftsmanship expertise. In our family-run company, dedicated people act who are responsible for production, quality assurance or processes.

... proven Quality.

The modernisation of our appearance is not just about the brand design. Much has changed in our more than 65 years of existence. The strict demands on the quality of our work have grown continuously. We want to retain this proven concept and always get a little better.


"Values can only be preserved through change."
– Richard Löwenthal (1908-91), German-British journalist and political writer