Our flexibility is making the rounds wherever it goes. Competencies.

Our many years of manufacturing expertise puts us in command of the entire process chain, from selecting the primary materials to product finishing as well as tailor-made logistics. And if you ever need a turn-key solution for your project, our procurement service is, of course, also available to assist you.

Volume Flexibility
1, 2 or 3? Or maybe more?

We are able to combine the advantages of small batches and industrial-scale production. Our customers can depend on the same high level of quality for large production runs or one-off pieces, such as replacement parts.

Needless to say, we not only produce large quantities but can also manufacture small volumes down to batch size 1 for replacement-part orders. We can also make prototypes for you. The manufacture of prototypes also follows this principle, dependent on tooling and material availability.

Our logistical services
The right turn to your success.

Speed is not magic, but comes from perfect planning. Many of our products are available to you ex-stock, which means we can get your order on the road without delay.

Our products are there where you need them. Thanks to our worldwide delivery service. They are suitably packed according to size and quantity (carton, bundled or loose), and delivered using the environmentally friendly process of exchanging EURO-flat or wire-mesh box pallets. One-way or special packaging is also possible if required – for example for overseas transport.

To ensure that deliveries reach you quickly, we work together with experienced and dependable logistics companies. Small and urgent consignments are despatched daily via parcel services. And, of course, we use express or courier delivery services for “emergencies”.

To save valuable time, we can also deliver goods directly to your customers. Discreetly of course and in unmarked packaging.

Road haulage

Road haulage throughout Europe is by EURO flat or mesh box pallets as well as disposable and special-purpose packagings

Rail freight

Rail shipment in Europe in standard packaging on pallets

Ocean freight

Shipping in packagings to ISPM 15 standard

Air freight

Air freight is shipped in approved packagings

Project and procurement service
There is no such thing as can't be done.

We are enablers: we can give you everything on a one-stop basis. With our product expertise and knowledge of the market, we are the people to contact. Competence and experience from our many years of working in the market allow us to give you an all-inclusive package for your project. And all from a one-stop shop.
We will make your project a success.

Surface & heat treatment
Perfection down to the last detail.

Prepared for further processing, we offer a host of special services to suit your specific requirements, such as sandblasting, galvanising or preserving.

Additional heat treatment (normalising, tempering) is carried out in our modern annealing furnace (monitored by the MPA materials test institute). Surface treatments range from galvanising or hot-dip galvanising to conserving, sandblasting and priming.

Individual machining
Customised solutions made to measure.

Ready-to-install fittings: we can take care of any required machining, individually tailored to your particular application. From planning to chamfering and turning (bores, threads etc.) as well as component construction – challenge us to your advantage.


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